GE Glimtändare

Singel- och seriekoppling för lysrör

GE Glimtändare

GE’s environmentally friendly, premium quality glow switch starters are designed to reliably ignite fluorescent lamps coupled with conventional electromagnetic gears. These starters are also recommended for use with GE T8 LongLastTM lamps due to their improved durability, ensuring safe operation over an extended period.

Lead free glass component

Radioactive free design

Outstanding reliability – up to 10,000 switches

Flame-retardant plastic canister for safety

Reliable operation in a wide ambient temperature range, ENEC-certified


Effekt4-22 W
NätspänningSingelkoppling 110-120 Vac
Seriekoppling 220-240 Vac
Temperaturområde-15˚C - +60˚C TA
Livslängd10,000 tim.

GE Glimtändare

GE Glimtändare SingelkopplingE7902142
GE Glimtändare SeriekopplingE7902140

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