AcTEC Q3 Series

Constant voltage LED driver

  • Universal AC input
  • Protection: Open circuit, short circuit, overload and over heating.
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • 100% full load burn-in test.
  • High efficiency, long life and high reliability.
  • IP67 design for indoor or outdoor


Matningsspänning100-240 V
Effekt24V/36W: 36W
24V/50W: 50W
24V/75W: 75W
24V/100W: 100W
Belastningsspänning24 V
Utström24V/36W: 0-1,5A
24V/50W: 0-2,0A
24V/75W: 0-3,15A
24V/100W: 0-4,16A
Efficiency full load24V/36W: 84%
24V/50W: 85%
24V/75W: 86%
24V/100W: 92%
No-load power24V/36W: < 0,3W
24V/50W: < 0,3W
24V/75W: < 0,5W
24V/100W: < 0,5W
Temperaturområde24V/36W: -20˚C - +50˚C
24V/50W: -20˚C - +50˚C
24V/75W: -20˚C - +40˚C
24V/100W: -20˚C - +50˚C
Max casing temperature24V/36W: 80˚C
24V/50W: 80˚C
24V/75W: 80˚C
24V/100W: 85˚C
Mått24V/36W: 166x52x24mm
24V/50W: 184x61x32mm
24V/75W: 184x61x32mm
24V/100W: 184x61x32mm
Vikt24V/36W: 190g
24V/50W: 300g
24V/75W: 300g
24V/100W: 350g

AcTEC Q3 Series

AcTEC Q3 Series 24V/36WArt. nr. Q3-24V-36W
AcTEC Q3 Series 24V/50WArt. nr. Q3-24V-50W
AcTEC Q3 Series 24V/75WArt. nr. Q3-24V-75W
AcTEC Q3 Series 24V/100WArt. nr. Q3-24V-100W